Youtube Thumbnail Download 2023

A YouTube thumbnail is the minimized edition of a video that a viewer sees first when they are looking for relevant content that presents the desired satisfaction.

The miniature clips with conspicuous images that one can click on to view the contents of a video are what YouTube thumbnails are. People have varying reasons to download YouTube thumbnail.

One of them is that you may have already uploaded the video and want to save the thumbnail on your computer. Other people want to download YouTube thumbnail for work use, designing, blogging, or just to share it with friends.

1. How to Download Thumbnail from Your Own YouTube Video?

If you want to download the thumbnail from your own YouTube video, then all you need to do is:

  • Simply open the video manager.
  • You then need to click on the Edit button next to the video.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnail and some options will show up. Click on Download image
  • The thumbnail image of your video will show up. Right click it, select Save Images As, and you will then have to choose the location that you would want to save the file in and that’s about all it takes to download YouTube thumbnails from your videos.

2. How to Download YouTube Thumbnail by Online Downloader?

Alternatively, you can also download YouTube thumbnail from an online YouTube thumbnail downloaders. It’s free to use and you don’t need to register any service. Here are the steps:

  • Click Here  to open the online YouTube Thumbnail Downloader
  • Copy the URL link of your YouTube video and paste it to the box. Then click Download Now button
  • Once you click on download it will give you several resolutions to save it to your computer or Smartphone. This method also allows you to choose a variety of sizes that are going to be compatible with your device
  • Upon clicking on download, you will get the save as prompt to choose the destination that the thumbnail to be stored in. Then it is up to you to decide on the name you would want the thumbnail to have or just leave it with the default name.

3. How to Download YouTube Thumbnail by a Custom URL?

You can also download YouTube thumbnail by a direct url. Let us see how it can done using this method:

  • Get the ID of the YouTube video. Just open that video on YouTube and a long address will appear has some random letters and numbers that come after the equals sign. This is the actual video ID that you need to use to download the thumbnail.
  • All the YouTube thumbnails can be accessed using the same URL. You only need to go to the url in the picture below.
  • Copy those random numbers that we said are the video ID and paste them in the part that says ID in the above URL then click on enter.
  • When the video is open just right-click anywhere in your browser and select save image as to download YouTube thumbnail on your computer. This URL is the one that will give you the best resolution of the video that you want.

4. Warning and Notice

If the video belongs to someone else then the copyright belongs to that person. It is common for people to steal other people’s work and post it as their own and that is a breach. Even if you are to include a note that indicates the original creator it would still be their work and not yours. You will require having permission from the owner especially if you intend to use it for commercial purposes. Otherwise, you will be infringing on their rights and can be liable for legal action.

YouTube is very strict on works that infringe copyrights and is quick to block or pull-down such videos.  If someone notices that you are using their thumbnail or video and reports it YouTube takes it down. It is possible for you to simply contact the owner of the video to ask for the permission with an explanation of the purpose.

5. Bonus Tip-Create YouTube Thumbnail for Free

There are various ways you can create YouTube thumbnails that captivate the attention of the intended viewers. We are going to look at how to simply do it with Canva that you could use to accomplish the task with perfection. It has a state of the art interface that is easy to use. Here is how:

  • Pick a presentable template in the Canvas library that has hundreds of diverse YouTube thumbnail designs. You have a wide range to pick the design that best suits your desired taste or alternatively design the template from the scratch if you have the knowhow.
  • Select the professional graphic design elements you would want to incorporate. There are an excess of 2 million images at your disposal here and you can add your own. You will find custom frames, icons and banners to create YouTube thumbnail here.
  • In the placeholder that allows you to include a message there are countless fonts to make a choice from for free.
  • You can easily customize your YouTube thumbnail by altering the colors, fonts or background to give it an irresistible appearance.
  • Share or download the finished YouTube thumbnail.

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